Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ughhhh...why now? It's Spring!

I went through all of winter getting colds here and there, but simple colds. Nothing really serious. I've really gotten lucky so far. Well now I'm sick again and guess what? My f'ing asthma is trying to come back. Been a few years since my last asthma attack. Why why why must you come back to torment me? I'm trying hard to keep myself from coughing, because once I start coughing thats it. It's already trying to sneak back with me sneezing. Every time I sneeze my chest hurts, which sucks majorly. Then running is out of the question also right now. I got out of breath within seconds yesterday trying to play with my dog. I should probably get prepared. Geez if anit stupid annoying allergies, it's something else! Well on the plus side, I do feel better. Still a little clogged up, but better. If I get my cold to go away, I might can make it without having asthma sneaking in.

Sorry if I sound like I'm whining. I'm really just sick of being sick. If only the weather over here would stop going up and down! Stupid weather! >_>

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