Friday, April 6, 2012

Living with The Genie Part 1 (Pic Spam)

I seriously have too many pictures to put in one post, so you may be getting a double dose tonight. Anyway, we last left off with my sim rubbing the lamp and finally getting a male genie.

 She asked for her first wish and my favorite wish- Money!!!
The 2nd wish was to have a large family. We might see the effects of that soon.
 Then after getting the extra cash, she did some bounding with him. The face he made when he was pillow fighting with my sims was too funny. LOL
A genie is scared of ghost stories?
 Well after trying different things to get them to warm up to each other, he surprised my sim with flowers.
 He likes her. Yay! :)
Also the gnomes were moving around alot.
 Random pose that made me laugh.
 Awww more flowers.
 Then I had her mime a conversation with herself. She doesn't have the insane trait, so I'm guessing this is an acrobat interraction. Anyway, the face again cracks me up! xD
 It's slightly addicting to hunt for these little guys around the lot.
 Then I made the epic wish of freeing of him came. I won't spoil it, but I had do 3 things to officially free him from the lamp. :D
 After finally doing the last task, I got these cool effects as he was released from the lamp.
 Then he became part of my household! Wooooo!!!!!
 He has some really cool powers. One thing he often does is hover.
He can also summon food any food. I had him summon a cheese plate. More in part 2.
Poor gnome. 
The perfect ending to my post. lol Kidding. More later.....

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