Saturday, April 28, 2012

Been kinda MIA. Sorry about that...

Haha, I'm still around. I think I made a post like this before around the same time. A end of the month thing? ROFL I'm not avoiding anyone or anything of the sorts if you're wondering though. Just been busy with life, family, and other games. Like I've said before my dad is off on weekends (some Mondays too) and I've just haven't felt like running to the computer much lately. Been mostly focusing on competition pics and spending the rest of my time off the computer. Oddly enough I have become extremely interested in old games from my childhood recently. I just brought mortal kombat for the playstation 2 and I'm dying to play it. Been years since I've played that game. Probably play that tomorrow with my Dad. We use to love playing that together. I kind of want to play some really old super nintendo games too. I miss Duck Hunt, ninjas turtles, and the cult classic zombie game that used to be on there! :( I wish I could find a super nintendo and hook it up like old times. I feel kinda old thinking back, but games use to be so simple and zany in good way back then. They were quality too.

Then with real life. I've been trying to find a job still. Something to hold me over till I can get into classes or get some training. I really have my mind set on being a veterinarian assistant now. It's at least something I know will be around and all the vet visit with Roxie inspired me. I just really need get my life together. I'll be 23 soon. >_>

Other than that I've been off and on dealing with constant sneezing. One min I think it's allergies, the next minute I'm back thinking I'm sick again with a cold. I have no clue what to take now. It's really a pain.

P.S. I'm slowly getting back to my soon to be genie family I was playing. I wanted play some more in Lunar Lakes too, so I'm sill simming. ^_^

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