Saturday, April 7, 2012

Living with The Genie Part 2 (Pic Spam) *Genie makeover at the end*

 The 2nd part. Like I said, I had a lot pictures. The last few pics are Mr. Genie's new look, so give me some feedback on the makeover.

Oooh crap, forgot about this picture. He can also clean the house by simply clapping his hands.

I think this is my favorite gnome picture. Hehe.
 Things are heating up between the genie and my sim since moving in. I decided to send them off on a date.
 And a simfest just happen to be going on in the park.
 Unfortunately paparazzi showed up.
Next up was the karaoke bar.
 They got booed by everyone there. Guess they were a little off key. lol
Well after that they went home to sit under the stars and be all lovey dovey. And yes that is a raccoon sleeping in front of them. >_>
Sorry if it's a bit dark. Hmm...I might give them a porch lamp.
Anyway, since moving him in I've been tweaking his looks and got him to lose some of his genie weight.
 Changed his hair color, evenutally got rid of the turban, and gave him some cool looking facial hair.
 Not bad at all for not editing him in CAS.
 Tempa approves.
 Well I got him excercise a little more.
And well this was the final result....
So he went from this:
To this:
Gorgeous!!! *drools* Isn't this the hottest genie you ever did see? Damn I did a good job and no editing in CAS needed. Wooooo!!!! Now to make some babies!

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