Monday, April 30, 2012

Someone hire me already! I'll work for cookies!

If I have to do one more application, I'm going to lose it. Aghhh!!! I'm also sick of getting no's too. Like geez how the F am I going get any experience if you don't hire me?! I'm running out of places!
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Also my mortal combat weekend was also a bust. That damn game wouldn't even go pass the loading screen. Fail!

P.S. Where is everyone? I currently have no life at the moment, so get over here. :P


  1. Stressing over math and rediscovering all my fairy lore books. There was a test today and I forgot to study and just stared at the paper blankly for an hour, doodling elephants and squids in the margins.

  2. LOL Westie! Hello! That sucks you forgot to study, but it happens. Hopefully you can make it up. I've done that a couple times doodling stuff and then one time I literally fell asleep on it. >_<

    But yay for rediscovering your fairy lore books. Nothing like a good book. :) And booo on the math part. I hate math! xD

  3. It's all cool. My math teacher is horrible and an awful teacher. He's just there to coach football. :/

    I've also been revisiting my childhood movies. I watched some wierd stuff. O.o


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