Monday, April 30, 2012

EA simpoint robbery! Cough up the refund EA!

No this isn't a comp stuff post. Remember this folks from last week? I ended up winning this competition, but what I didn't mention was the prize I was promised.

Me and Tobz were promised simpoints for 1st and 2nd. I was kinda waiting to redeem them, so I could suprise people with gifts and clear out my own wishlist. Paco and NiNjahawkz being 2 people I had in mind to gift with their birthdays having came up. Anyway prizes went like this....
I was promised 2000 and Tobz was promised 1000. Well we both were extremely excited as we never won anything before in a contest. Well after getting the points via the store from the generous losthopes06, we went to redeem them and well lets have Tobz tell you....

Yes, you can not recieve points from someone in another country. WTF?! Also they allowed it to go through?! Why would you let it go through? And FFS why can't she get a refund?!
I have also been on live chat as well with 3 people. Oddly enough I had same conversation (robots?), but I understand that don't really have the authority. I just don't understand why on earth they can't simply refund 3000 points back into losthopes's account. They gave porno troll millions of codes to spam, but they can't spare 3000 points?! Can't they ever do the right thing! So yes EA cough it up! You can spare it!


  1. WOW, EA is a Failathon on steroids.

  2. I could redeem my points that The Mare's gave me and I don't even LIVE in UK! WTF EA

  3. Vid, EA's Full of BULLSHIT. You and Tobz shouldn't waste your time with the live chat, it gets you NO WHERE.

    I don't know if you saw this: but I was On the phone with a rep and I got my points back. Because I was pissed off and I told the rep off because they owed it to me. The rep went through the same song and dance. "Oh Miss! I'd have to send this to a higher dept. Oh Miss! I don't have the power to do this for you, but if I could I would. Oh Miss! I'm right there with you. I didn't buy the act and I told him point blank what I expected to happen and I expected results. I got off the phone with him dissatisfied and I told him just how much and within 10 minutes I got an email from him and it WASN'T a simguru/rep email it was from him telling me how unsettled he felt and BAM! I had my points back cuz he felt guilty. It's amazing how quickly they suddenly find power especially after you tell them, This is the worst service I have ever received and I hardly think I will EVER buy another EA game.

    It does the trick. No Corp in their right mind will lose a customer who spends a lot of money on their products. The average consumer spends $2000 per year in retail a measly $30 is small pocket change. They can afford it, you just have to fight dirty.

    I'm in customer service I know the ropes. The thing is, if it's reasonable and $30 is very reasonable, I'd do it for the customer to make them happy because that's what it is all about. Make the customer happy so they'll be more inclined to shop there again.

    EA's reps must have missed that class :eyeroll:

    The only way to get what you want is to talk to a rep on the phone or in person, live chats do bloody well dick all.

  4. * goes off to get padding for desk so she doesn't knock herself out on the headdesk *

    It's not like anyone is asking them to pay anything... and aren't simpoints the same the world over anyway? It's just the purchase of them that is regional so I really can't see what their problem is (well, other than the obvious).


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