Saturday, April 21, 2012

I don't care what anyone saids, this is freaking epic Japan!

Pffff who needs Tupac, Japan has a freaking anime character hologram singing on stage!
OMG imagine if they had Gorillaz in concert with their hologram characters singing. I will kill to see that! Epic! Ha, I can't believe my father didn't think this was cool. He totally zoned out when I was trying to tell him this just now. Men sometimes....-_-

Edit: And lol. I think my father zones out whenever the word anime is in a sentence. Oh well. xD
Edit 2:  Correction, they did have hologram Gorillaz at the Grammys, but this looks cooler and more high tech.


  1. that is pretty cool :D
    yeah my bf has been goin on and on about the tupac thing... zzzzz i hate tupac.

  2. LOL I've never understood why people like him, so much. I would rather see this then dead celebs honestly. xD Even though MJ one would be interesting. Tupac won't be the last tho. They going overdo it now that they see that it works. The walking dead hologram style. >_>

  3. (you should read the following comment with an African-american woman's voice)
    OMG I showed my mother this video she was unimpressed, and I was like, "WHAT!, how are you not amazed by this!?"


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