Friday, May 11, 2012

Before the Wedding....Party! *Pic Spam*

Random guy in a towel.
I saw him the next day on the mechanic bull still wearing a towel. lol Hidden Springs has a underwear guy and now I have a towel guy in Starlight Shore. xD
Lobster. The summoning food power is awesome!
 Bachelorette party!!!
A skinny fireman stripper.
 He had the diva trait so this didn't end up well...
 My gnome got old.
 Bachelor party time!!!

 Yet another party dancer. She came with her own light. :o
 Skinny big nose Liam aka Willard got a invite.
 Not a party till somone falls out. xP
 He didn't believe she was psyche. Boo...
 Another party, but at a friend's house.
He's standing on his cane. :P
Meanwhile I did some setting up...
 To be continued in another post... ;)

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