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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 16-

I told you it was a theme tonight! Yay! I got extremely lucky doing this chapter! I needed a police car in this one and out of the blue one popped up right in view right as I was shooting! Then I needeed a mic and realized showtime had a mic. Tried that animation and it worked. So I had time and luck on my side with this one. No Louis and Lestat in this one either, but they'll be back. Instead check out the new characters. Enjoy!

-Chapter 16: The Sound of Sirens-
"So what's all the commotion? Daniel said taking another sip of coffee from his cup watching another police car pass them by. The mortal was pulling another all nighter with Armand by his side. They walked at a normal pace taking in the scenery and talked for what seemed like hours. It was eerie how normal it seemed considering the nights before and the company he kept, but it was a relief to take a break from being in tremendous fear. Even more nice to get away from Lestat and the sickening idea of moving in with him, but the only thing that seemed to different tonight was the sounds of sirens.

"Police can't be a good sign." Armand said turning around to Daniel. "Something really serious must of happened. It'll probably be on the television channel with the reports."

"You mean the news?" Daniel chuckled.

"You know what I mean!"
They continued on ignoring the sounds that seem to grow louder by the minute. It had been a pretty good night with them laughing and getting along for the most part. It was cold enough to freeze water, but Daniel with the aid of his coffee was able to handle it. Armand on the other hand didn't feel anything of course.

"Do you miss being cold?"


"You know feeling of the breeze or the rays of the sun?"

Armand looked him puzzled, with an annoyed expression. He laughed grabbing Daniel coat playfully, "Do you like being cold?"


"Then don't ask me stupid questions!"

"But you have to miss the sun sometimes right?"
"Daniel...." was the last thing the mortal heard before seeing his life flash in front of him. He open his eyes to Armand grabbing him just in time. Another police car had sped by missing Daniel by a few inches.

"Well that's lovely! They could of killed me!"
"And maybe that's a sign we should go home."

"You...home? What are you on the run or something? I'm fine. Nothing a city boy like myself can't handle." Daniel joked feeling relieved to be in one piece, but Armand mood had changed from good to bad. His face held a worried expression and mortal almost could feel a sense of fear radiating from him.

"I have an bad feeling now. That's all," the vampire said in a whisper listening intently to their surroundings.
Daniel feeling concerned replied, "Armand I'm fine. It's ok. Hasn't been the first time you saved me. Come on, lets cut through the park. Be faster."

"OK," Armand mumbled looking around nervously. Daniel only looked at him surprised by his behavior. For the first time ever Armand wanted to go home before him. He crushed his coffee cup unease by the change in plans and attitude, but they walked towards the park.

"Hello this is Bridgeport news and I'm Jane Gales! We are reporting live at the scene of yet another gruesome murder here at central park. We are receiving information the victims are a young couple in their 20's. Sources are saying that this may be the works of the infamous blood serial killer. We will keep you updated as we receive more information! Back to you in the studio!" 
"Ok cut!"

Sir! Sir? Can you provide us anymore information what might of happen here?"

"No. No more questions for now," the police grumbled back. "I told you people no more media coverage on this!"
The police walked away feeling completely drained. It had been a long night and investigating a murder wasn't in the plans. He had planned on going home to his kids, taking a hot shower, and getting a good night rest for once. Then the murders themselves put a bitter taste in his mouth. Victim after victim and no leads. Something was up.
"So the blood was completely drained from these stiffs too?" he said to one of his cadets standing by taking notes. They nodded never looking up. It had been the story so far with all the murders of recent. Victims dead with no blood. It made no sense. The captain only grumbled in reply and walked over to one of the benches to examine it.

"So you still don't believe me?" a woman said behind him crossing her arms. He knew the voice immediately and instantly became irritated.
"I told you already! Your fairy tales aren't going lead us anywhere!"

"They're not fairy tales! Vampires are real! Just look at the evidence you have so far. It all leads to them." she retored back bending down to look him in the eyes.

Despite being at the scene she wasn't a cop. She may have looked the part, but she was more of a vigilante. Someone the cops often saw on scenes like this, but lurked in the shadows making their own rules and assumptions.
For the captain, he knew her personally. He wasn't proud of it, but they had knew each other since they were kids.

"Tell me what do you see here in this park that tells us this was done by a vampire?
"Well the obvious is that the bodies have been drained of blood. Next is the puncture wounds on the neck. Then another obvious factor is that they only strike at night. Looking at what we have here though I would expect two vampires."

"Two? Now we have two? What's next? A pack of werewolves?" he said rolling his eyes.
"Sam, this isn't funny. I'm not kidding. Two victims. Two vampires."

"Maybe the one bit them both."

"No. She wouldn't need to and only one victim has lipstick on them."

The captain eyes grew wide, but he frowned calling one of his underlings over. "Did you make a note about the lipstick being on only one?" he asked. The cadet paused and began scribbling on the note pad.

"Maybe she did this confuse us," he continued turning back to childhood friend. "They can't be two murders..." he said before realizing who was watching.

The reporter from earlier gasped hearing them and yelled at the cameraman to turn the camera back on. Sam groaned feeling a lump in his throat at the thought of her reporting such info. She came over to him barking question after question.

"Two murders? Does the serial killer have an accomplice now? What have you found that points to this? Were the couple killed by two different killers?"
"No comment!!! We'll still investigating. No cameras please!" he said quickly walking away from the them.

"Sir sir!" she whinnied watching him walk farther out of view. "Well do you have comment Mam? May I ask who you are and what connection do you have to this case?" the reporter finally said turning back in the direction of the female vigilante.
The woman laughed and stood proudly in front of the camera as she spoke. "My name is Michell Violet. Violet Night to be exact. The vampire slayer. "No questions please."

Editorial: The police guy is named Sam by the way. Typos as usual. Opposies.

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