Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yay the power is back on. Random rambling update...

I'm here!!! My power just came back on. It was out for only a few hours, but man did it feel like forever! lol I've been in a bit of pain lately, which why I've been kinda back and forth a bit this week. Right now my wisdom tooth is killing me! I can barely talk and I feel like I've been on diet for some days now. The diet thing isn't so bad, but chewing without pain would be nice. I'm actually considering going down to the mega slow emergency room. I think they might pull it though, which is what I dread. Oh well.

Well while in pain, I did finish my comp pic for Ninja's vamp comp late last night. I turned it in today right before the power went out. I really can't believe I did it considering the pain I'm in. I even did the final scores for Little Miss Twisted. lol I feel all tough you know. xD

Next, will be to get back to work on The Walking Dead cast in CAS and play my game. I have to do stuff when it isn't hurting a lot, so when I'm not in too much pain and I get bored I will get back to all that.

P.S. I also have to do the next chapter of my story. Will work on it this weekend. ;)

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