Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Move over Grant! Who the hell is Argus?

Huh? Babe? Where? Him? Yeah ok.....0_o 

But seriously it's now 73 pages about 1 guy?! Am I missing something? LOL I said the same thing for Grant too. I'm scared to see the reaction to whoever pitches the seasons ep. xP


  1. Argus who? Not a babe. Not my heart. Where do they get this crap?

  2. I tried to watch the SN chat after all this Argus business to see if he really was such a 'babe'. I couldn't watch it all because the guy on the left was too annoying. My reaction to Argus was a bit meh.

    Now maybe I just like older guys, but I watched the Diesel chat all the way through and I'm not ashamed to admit it was mostly because of Ryan Vaughan. It could have had something to do with the tee he was wearing too. Cityscape mohican? No words. No Words.

    But 73 pages for this Argus boy, wtf? At least he's mildly better looking than Grant though. That I could never understand :S

  3. Yeeeaaaaah....not so much. lol He's really kinda fugly, if you ask me...

  4. He'd need to fix every glitch in the game in order to win my simming heart xD

  5. LOL guys and it's 81 pages now. :P

  6. Oh the horror! How long will it last?! xD


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