Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm hating sims today. All that f'ing work for nothing?

Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid f'in game! Help anyone? My sim had triplets last night with her genie. Was so freaking happy till I saw one of the babies was glitched. I didn't see the actual baby, but the picture showed it wrapped up in a blanket with his feet poking out and you couldn't see his face. Now me being the cc addict I thought this has to be bad cc, but it may be a problem with Twallan's mods and occults. Not sure. I did load the game up for a 2nd time and got the same weird result.


Before I nuke my game, let me know if you have any different advice or any ideas what it could be. Right now extremely fustrated and fed up with the thought of having to start over again!

Edit: The error trap has been updated, but I need to update to get it. That might help, but I hate updating. o_0


  1. Aside from the pic, was there anything wrong with the actual sim baby? Maybe it will be fine, and when it grows up to a toddler you'll get a proper icon for it

    1. I didn't see it. The coward in me cut the computer off and went to bed. xD Just automatically had the mental picture of it looking all streched out and spider like.

      I'm going test it out, because I really don't feel like starting over with another family. Took forever to get a genie. >_>


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