Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ok blogger is playing tricks with me!!!

I just wrote out a long post again and again my post was eaten up!

Edit: And now I can't post pictures without them being super big! Why must you act stupid when I'm in a good mood and wanted post something?

On this note, I'm going in game to check something. Boo blogger! You suck!


  1. Last night Blogger just kept freezing when I hit "new post" ... glad it didn't eat it when I finally wrote something though!

    1. It seems to only eat my post up when I insert pictures into it. Deletes everything after the picture. I'm glad I didn't try posting a super long post like a story.

      I guess blogger is either doing maintenance or just being glitchy.

      And hi misstickle! :)

    2. Hi yourself ... hope you're feeling better!

    3. I am. I was going say that in the post that got eaten actually. >_<

  2. that's odd O.o mines been perfectly fine, and i have been spamming pictures from the last 2 days

  3. Might be becuz you're still using the new interface. Blogger also said my picture space is full too. Will try again today.


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