Sunday, June 17, 2012

An apology to all the victims bullied by Simmering Sims...

I feel like an idiot and an ass, but that's not the important part right now. The people who were bully by Jarsie, Callum, Faith12368 and Pepperbutt deserved the attention. Sure my friends were bully, but I fail to mention these people. A silly Anti- Mare's Nest blog shouldn't be the topic that's spreading everywhere. Simmering Sims's organizing people to bully innocent people should be the topic. I realized that now. I feel like a fool for not taking these people to task. They are grown adults bullying people for no reason.They even had the balls to bully a 11 year old and that's not right.

I don't understand why people find it fun to bully others. It's disgusting. I don't know how people can look at themselves in the mirror and think that's ok, even it's the internet. Some of you are grown adults with children! What is wrong with you? How can any of you find enjoyment in making someone life miserable? Tell me what joy do you get from that Jarsie, Callum, Faith12368 and Pepperbutt?

Sure it took a Mares post to realize how selfish and stupid my previous post really was, but that's not important. We need focus on the people organizing bullying on the forums. The cowards at Simmering Sims, who continue to hide at their little forum. Not some blog.

I started off at the forums defending people from bullies like the SS crowd and I failed to do that this time. No excuses. Again I'm sorry. Apologies to Catloverplayer (Sharkloverplayer), Caturae, Constance, Conorsim, Emily48, Elizabetta, Madame_Lee, Momminator, Prestonmeeks, Taffstar and all the others who were harassed by these people.

Comments off, because I don't feel like discussing it. If you make a blog post referring to me or the Mares on this topic, don't be surprise if I become extremely angry with you. If you wanted make a post, talk about all the people bullying people over at SS and just don't make it, because you want attention. Make it because you actually care. The pathetic people of Simmering Sims will be back trolling as soon as this all blows over I'm sure and it's sad. They got off easy. I think that's much worse than some silly girl and a blog.
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