Monday, June 25, 2012

Technical difficulties and blog cleaning...

Hello! :) If you just saw my unedited previous post, you would of saw my problems with blogger. It keeps highlighting everything I make bold and italic white, so all you see is white boxes where writing should be since my blog font is white! Extremely annoying!!!! I would underline annoying, but I don't trust it. I can fix it by going into html of my post and deleting the white background mumble jumble tho, but that is not always easy since I barely have a understanding of that stuff. Fun....

Ok back to what this post was meant to announce! I will be deleting VK20 sim modeling very soon. Like today maybe. Tomorrow at the latest, but I will be making a new page listing every comp I ever hosted here in case you wanted go back on memory lane and look at those threads. The blog itself is dead weight and I can get more picture storage if I delete it. Next will be TS3 CC gallery eventually, but I'll wait awhile. 

As for this blog, I will be deleting some dead blog links and cleaning up some stuff here. I already deleted a few. I also will be deleting on my own computer a lot old screenshots and pictures. Too much clutter annoys me. I can barely find anything in my picture folder. >_< So yeah that's about it.

Update: VK20 sim modeling is gone! If anyone wants it back, speak now or forever hold your peace. Something like that.  xD

Update 2: I'm currently updating my blog roll. People who have moved onto new blogs, can find them now on my blog roll. *cough cough* Simians *cough* Darkslayer *cough*

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