Monday, June 18, 2012

Supernatural-Riddle me this simmers?

Would it be weird to cross a genie with a werewolf? What would it look like? A blue fur ball with fangs that hovers? Or better yet a faerie with a werewolf! Can I have a werewolf with wings? Can I pleaseeeeee I'll be good.

This is just another post brought to you by a random thought in my head. Goodnight. :)

1 comment:

  1. I think it would depend.

    I remember back in TS2 when I was cross breeding. I crossbred a vampire and plantsim and it ended up being unkillable from sun exposure lol.

    The VampPlantsim would go into the sun (die) his daughter would poor water on him and then he pops back up. It was fun for torturing hehehehe. I cross bred a few with the simbot and was planning on doing that with the sims 3 since with Twallan's mods you can have a baby with whomever you want.

    I'll prolly end up cross breeding them all into different combos and see if they take on both characteristics like they did in TS2.


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