Thursday, June 7, 2012

An update on my gaming issues: Genie babies and the SP mod

Update: Testing pics, testing, testing....
Anyway, I figured out what was causing the error and weird picture for one of the babies my sim had. The SP mod seems to have issues with genies babies from what people and the error trap's jumble of text saids. I took out all of Twallan's mods out just to see if they were right and I had no problems with anything after doing that. I am not sure how things will be with them back in, but I think I will actually play mod-less first before I screw up my save. I think playing without the SP mod will be the biggest challenge. lol Oh well. I did ask Twallan himself on his site about the issue and if it's safe to put them back in. Going see what he saids first before I become the test bunny today. >_<

Edit: I switched to the new interface and pics are working again! :P

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