Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Genie household: More baby pics!

I moved the parents into the smaller room and gave the babies the bigger room. Then I gave the baby swings a try.

 I had no idea they played music and such. lol 

 Then I got a gift in the mail....

Imaginary Friend dolls!!!! Yay! 10 more days! I might speed up the process tho.


  1. I haven't had 1 IF yet. lol.

  2. i dont raise a baby without those swings anymore lol
    if you leave them in there and dont wind it up, they can sit there pretty much forever and their motives always increase

  3. @Cat Really?! lol and I got 3. I thought I would only get 1. O_o

    @Zeri LOL I heard about that. I'm thinking of doing that so the mom can go back to work as an acrobat and dad won't get tired out. xD

    @Shyne Aw thank you. Hehe been awhile since I've done a family with kids. :)

  4. Awww, cute! I think the swing is my single fave store item yet, I have had IF's but never had one come to life yet... Looks like they're going to be fun to play! =)

  5. I'll have to get those swings, I had no idea. I love the IF dolls hehe. I usually try and make one kid into a scientist so he can make the potions.

    The babies are gorgeous Vid :)

  6. I love little genie babies especially when they become children and start doing that floatie thing they do. nice pics

  7. Thank guys for your comments. :)

    It's a lot things I have yet to do in this game and having a IF is one of them, so I'm really excited. :D Having floaty genie kids and IFs should be interesting. O_0

    And oooo I have to remember to make one kid a scientist. I did forget that. Thanks Em. :P


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