Saturday, June 2, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -2 Pic + Story!

Click read more for the story behind this. It's not as long as the 1st one.

-Goodbye Eleanor
As I took my last breath as a human and took my first breath of eternity, I opened my eyes to see the mysterious man from earlier staring at me intently. His hair the color of fire, he introduced himself as Victor and told me that I was a vampire like him now. I laughed nervously at him, hoping he might be kidding and this was all an awful dream, but he stared at me blankly looking almost like a statue. He continued on telling me horrid things about me drinking blood from the living and never letting the rays of the sun touch my new pale skin. It was then I felt my neck feeling the puncture wounds and slid my tongue across the sharp fangs that inhabited my mouth now, but I also felt a thirst like I have never felt before.

The thirst, the hunger, became more intense as he talked and it was only what he said to me next, that brought me back to his attention. He told me that I must come with him and that I was never to see my family again. I stared at him with disbelief, but as he got up gesturing that I follow him, I ran. To my surprise, he didn’t follow and as my feet hit the pavement outside the theater I felt a new sensation. The sun was rising and I felt like I was on fire. As I hit the front gates of my home, the burning became worse and I hid in one of the stables. The horses reared up at the sight of me, but too tired to move I stayed there and slept till night fall.

I stumbled into the house wanting nothing more to be home again. I went into my room to change my blood stained clothes and looked into the mirror to see my image fading. I smashed the mirror feeling as if I was going mad and with my new strength I tore the room to pieces. I had saw enough to know what Victor had told me was true and as I knelled amongst the wreckage weeping, the last bit of my humanity came into the room in the form of the help. She then stared at me as if she had seen a ghost and looked around the room frightened.

A young naive girl, she was the perfect specimen to try out my new powers. I approach her hesitantly and a voice reassured me it was the right thing to do. I sunk my new sharp fangs into her neck feeling blood rush into my mouth. I drank as her heartbeat slowed, feeling an odd peace come over me, but then I heard a voice again saying “no more“. It was in this moment, I heard my sister scream and turned around long enough to see the horror in her eyes. She looked at me as not her brother, but a demon. It was then I knew Victor was right and it was the last I ever saw of Eleanor.
So yeah this is actually the short version of it. I had to limit myself this time to 4 not so huge paragraphs. I think I did pretty good keeping the story I wanted in a summarize version. The only thing that I kinda wish I could elaborated on more would be his sister's reaction to him and her fainting. Oh well. Maybe I'll get the chance to mention that small bit in the next contract as an intro.

P.S. Eleanor is in the blue nightgown and another maid/help is beside her.

Oh and thank you SR for the broken furniture!!!! :D

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