Friday, November 5, 2010

Hydra and Liam: If they mated!

Two well known forum figues. One a annoying nerd who pops up regularly in all to famous page. The other dreaded EA mod. Both hated and depised by some! Well fate stepped in or CAS in this case and they were mated!
Yes! Be afraid, be very afraid! Meet their evil spawns!
He looks pretty normal,...

Hmmm.....they look like.....
ET phone home! Or...
Be aware! Hydra and Liam children might aduct you! They're out there. *plays sci-fi music*


  1. lol well except for that last one, most of them were pretty cute!

  2. The first chick eyes creeped me out though Zeri. You should seen them blink. o_0

  3. Lol, interesting results. I wonder what Jarsie and Liam's kids would look like. Too bad my imagination's not that broad.

  4. thos children arent as bad as one would expect...and to the person above, Jarsie cant have kids, shes old and dried up so she cant reproduce..THE GENE POOL IS SAVED!

  5. I like the 1st one :B
    Hydra's eyes through the glasses freak me out, She is the Lizard Queen!

  6. yeah i like that first one too, hes a hottie. and the creepy eyes are a bonus ^^

  7. ROFL
    *evil grin* Jarsie and Liam? Hmmmm....


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