Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Modified Beauties- Assignment 4 and Results!

Till Death Do Us Part...

Her dear husband buried her 6 foot deep,
alive and breathing in a deep sleep.
He messed around and live the life of a single man,
but unfortunately for him, she had't forgot his wedding band.
She called to him and suddenly appeared,
and whisper the words,
Death Do Us Part My Dear
Then the room grew black and the fire grew cold.
Forever in the grip of his dead wife's hold!
Never again they grew apart, as minister said
Death Do Us Part and now he's dead.

Quality of the photo: 8/10
Capture of the assignment: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 25/30
I loved the poem. I felt the Corpse Bride in it the whole time and loved the feel. The picture could have been a little more modelesque though.

Yeah. Have to agree. Wasn't really modeling picture and was taking a risk with it really. Had immunity, so I didn't mind. The next assignment is really interesting and unique. Must incorporate food and lingerie. Yeah, I'm not kidding. o_0 Drawing a blank! lol As I said on that thread, should be interesting.

P.S. Didn't have to write to poem, but I did. :P Thought a poem would fit better. I blame Gothique for that. ;)

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