Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does anyone notice?

How boring the forum is?
Seriously, I worry when the forum falls into this kinda slump. That's when people try stir up stuff in the blog scene so they can entertain themselves. That's also when people try pick at each other. Like if you if don't like someone, please just ignore them and don't try stir any of them into a angry fit. Like me, please stop trying to piss me off. It's not going work. I may rant on here for a day, but then I'm over it the next. As you can see this blog has been drama free and the only rant was involving my own problems that someone else caused me. Funnily enough they failed terribly as most do. Anyway, people are so freaking petty! I will never understand them!

Back on topic...when the forum is boring like this, it's also nothing to talk about. Am I only person seeing Liam actually snoring from how boring it is?

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