Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh Mares.... *updated*
Awesomesauce! My paintings have been Mare Nested!!! Thank you and your welcome! Glad you liked them! ^_^
To add I agree they do look great in game rooms and bars. :P

Speaking of not getting enough love for your cc. Remember the hoodies you made....

The townies are putting them to good use! 0_o

Oh he's too sexy for my hoodie, too sexy for this hoodie! Oh yeah!

*found a better lolcat*
lolcat Pictures, Images and Photos
Ahaha, I know I lost my marbles this afternoon. I'll find them later. xD


  1. Not the Marbles Vid. Anything but the Marbles. LOL.

    I think I lost mine too. Congrats on getting Mare Nested.

  2. ^LOL Thanks. I found them! Woo! xD
    Congrats to you being Mare Nested as well. :P

  3. Thank ya. Glad ya found them. I found some of mine, lol.


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