Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love how EA fixes one thing and screws up another

My vampire is off center when he sleeps now after the patch! Agh! This is probably going be one of those small things that bug me! I hate when things are off center!!!!

P.S. They could at least made it where another sim could sleep there!

It's there.


  1. My God, that is so annoying! 0_0
    I can't look at it! Aaaargh!
    If EA makes a patch, be very wary indeed...
    Hope it gets fixed soon :)

  2. I was going to download the patch, and then I read people were having lag issues etc....so no screw it, my game isn't broken so I'm not going to patch it. I'll do it when I actually get Late Night for Christmas.

    So glad I don't buy expansions when they are first released hehe

  3. So far no lag so I guess I'm lucky so far....


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