Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vampire picture overload! Well kinda a update...

Well Victor Merrick, my vampire has been busy!

I gave him lady friend called Blair....

Then he bits some people ( I have mod that allows him to feed on anyone he wants)....
3 days is entirely too long, but....
Then I gave them makeovers!!!!

Better right? I shall move them out their dusty apartment and make babies! ^_^
I may also upload them to the exchange!


  1. Vamp babies! I don't think I've ever had children in my games, much less vampire children 0_O

  2. i havent had a vamp baby yet. come to think of it, i havent had ANY babies since ive had LN.. i been too busy partying and vampin hahaha

  3. Oooh, this should be interesting ;)

  4. I love Blair. :D Vampire babies are cute.

  5. ^Thank you :)
    And I have feeling they will be oddly cute. ;)


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