Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here's a lesson on friendship folks....

This not really a rant, a flame post, or whatever you will come in your mind to call it. This is slight lecture to all with a few curse words thrown in as sometimes it's needed.

If friends want have a mutual understanding of each other, they should make a effort to communicate. When you don't communicate, this when shit builds up and doubts start brewing! I have been guilty of not reaching out to communicate with some, but everyone knows the c-box is open for everyone looking to talk to me. I feel like I shouldn't have hunt anyone down and I've done it too many times now. Anyway, communication is key and I feel if haven't talked to someone you called your friend in quite awhile and you know this person is having a falling out with some of your mutual friends. Shouldn't you make it your goal to tell re-insure this person, to let them know your ok with them? I think this is the problem most the time. People take people for granted and don't make a effort, because this is the internet. Then finally when their friends are pissed off at them publically, they are sitting around looking dumbfonded. Some people aren't jaded. Some are just looking for a sholder to cry on and when they don't see you around, don't you think this puts doubt in the person's head. When everyone has their back turn on this person, don't you think you should stand up and let them know you haven't joined them in this.

Now accusing people of being this and that when they haven't came to you in that fashion, just makes you look foolish. Makes you look like you are the jaded one and  you will never a friend at all. Sure, she blew at you. She let all those bottled up feeling come out. Well you know what, she's human. Me and AE had email after email fussing when she was having a tough time. I was truly piss at her and I'm sure she was just as piss. Well guess what? We're still friends! This is what you call a real friendship! We can probably bitch at each other till the sun comes down, but at end of the day I still love Ms. Grumps! Difference is we talked ALOT and you didn't talk to her at all from I'm getting.

Now if people want people to make up with mutual friends, they take the time and effort to do it privately. Not make a post because another blog pointed it out to you. To be honest, you should have to catch a clue to figure out that maybe your friend needs you. This not Scooby Doo and friends should pick up on when someone is hurt. This person was hurting for long time till this all came out and I knew, because I was there. I visit her site, when you couldn't even find time to do that. They were warning flags all over the place, so it wasn't hard to see it! Then hanging out with the same people who she was hurt from and not making any effort to ease her mind, what do you expect?

Also to say someone will end up friendless, is just cold. Who are you to tell her this?
I really could never wish this on anyone, because even assholes deserve love too. Now if your so angry, a break is in order. If I hadn't took a break, when someone name starting with a K ended our friendship I would have made a very nasty post about her. Clearing my head kept from me going off completely. When you start acting this way though to someone you once called your friend and cared about, it makes it seem like you didn't care about her either. Let me tell you she did care, which is the sad part.

Now it pisses me off, that someone can find the time to comment in a very sad situation to thrown in jab because they still are feeling butthurt. Get over it! If not going to help, piss off!

I'm finding myself extremely disappointed with people these days. Not angry, but disappointed. I'm not ending any friendships, but I'm just extremely dissapointed and sad about the whole thing. :(

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