Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miss Teen Simiverse Assignment 1 and Scores

LE: Score: 72+25=97
You did an awesome job Vid. EA should hire you lol. My only issue was the car seems out of place since it has nothing to do with School Spirit. A track field would have been a better location. Other than that tho, you did Awesome!

Alverna: Score: 70/75 + 25=95
Comments: I loved the idea, and you had all the props, which is good I would have liked to see more people in the background though.
Total Score: 96

Yay 2nd! :D I put the car there, because back when I was in High School(not long ago), all the kids who had cars would always park their cars in front the school to show off. xD Being that Sims made it impossible to park in the street, I chose that spot. A track field never crossed my mind. Ugh! Oh well. PK has sabotage me though for the next assignment, which I have no ideas for at the moment. Darn her! *shakes fist in air!*

P.S. I feel throwing my Sims 3 CD and computer outside as it just crashed in the middle of my photoshoot!!!! *mumbles curse words*

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