Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wow, this blog has came quite far....

The blog was quite fugly compare to what it is now. This was my first banner....
lol I forgot how boring and dark it look.

Most interesting search terms on this blog as of now....
deathmare 1
emily sim make up 1
mares nest lufferkinz 1

Deathmare? LOL Um...I really don't even want to know what's thats about. 0_0
Shout out to Lufferkinz! :D

My favorite moment on this blog: Ranting about EA and laughing at the fail trolls on the forum.
My least favorite moment are morons who come here trying to piss me off!

My facepalm moment on this blog would have to be leaving anon comments on for trolls to abuse. Never again! I probably have more facepalm moments, but sadly the trolls can't remind me. *snickers*

I had no idea I would have this blog so long and it would become popular. I wasn't even looking for it to become popular. Really was just a place to hang out when EA banned me. I guess it is full of win! Aha! :D

Mare first post about this blog:
Thank you guys for all your support! :D

Oh for the trolls, I have been harassed, called names, and lecture on how I should run this blog. And guess what?! I'm still here! Take that!!! Bawhahahaha!


  1. Of course it's full of win.
    The numbers tell it all.

  2. WIN! WIN WIN WIN! We are the champions...
    OF DA WORLD!!!
    :D :D :D


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