Thursday, December 30, 2010

WTF is wrong with you people?

*This is a rant that will contain the routine curse words and I'm liable call you kiddies despite your age, so beware!*

Dear, my fellow TS3 forumers
Did I miss something? Did you all get a wack from the bumnugget stick for the holidays? Mods, what the hell are you doing? Nothing! I saw so much trolling and ignorance my head was spinning!

We had one thread where the op was being a complete dickhead with people feeding into her ploy and the only thing a certain elected mod did was move it to ideas and feedback! Can't you lock it for FFS?! Why are you even a mod? What are you good for?! Good greif!

Then finally, was a OP wanted the nonsense to stop and he just happen to title his thread "Moderators it's time to wake up now! The children are up to no good!" Did everyone jump on the trolls? Noooo. They jumped on the op! Saying the word children was offensive! If you act like fucking adults and mature human being, maybe nobody wouldn't call you children you morons!  You are acting like fucking kids and if you act like one, people are going treat you like one! That is certainly not adult behavior, so what else do you call it?! You would had think they were saying something horrible. It's immaute behavior and not expected from so called adults! The argument was just so stupid! Also the same people who fucking say they are still young and to give them a break, are the same ones complaining about being called kids! Kiddies cut the bullshit and simply stop trolling!

Next, is the people who out right turning threads into OT for their own amusement! Well guess what children, it's trolling! Like I said on a thread, "now OT can be fun, but when its intentionally done to mock or provide themselves entertainment without the op in mind, then its trolling!" Would like someone to change the topic of your thread when your sharing your opinion? No, don't think so.

Stop making up silly arguments that have nothing to do with the topic, stop trying pick at people for your amusment or self rightous attitude, stop twisting threads into pointless OT, stop with the flame wars and just get a grip people!

I'm very close to only staying in modeling section again where I don't babysit trolls and brats! I'm appalled and dissapointed!


  1. Amen, m'dear. A-FRIGGIN-MEN.

    Watch, someone's going to be offended that I altered the word "Amen". They're going to thwap me with the Holy Book! *runs away*

  2. LOL Funny you would say that. The other thread I didn't mention turned into a religious debate about OP use of God's name.

    I serioulsy beginning to think they are smoking something over there. No one could be that bored or could they? Yea they could. >_<

    And thank you. I was holding that in earlier and I was totally about to explode at all insanity.

  3. Very well said vid.

  4. I agree.
    I just can't be bothered with the forums anymore tbh. Too much hostility over there.

  5. I can't believe I'm saying this but...

    I agree with AE. xD

    Honestly, it's hilarious. But then it just shows how much of a total jackass everyone can be.

  6. i dunno whats going on anymore. i guess people are just bored and want to act out. they are home on holiday break and are thru playing with their toys already

  7. I agree with your points 100%

    PS: The reason the mod who posted didn't lock the thread is because they were a player mod selected out of the forum users. Only the SimGurus and certain Moderators can lock threads.


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