Monday, December 27, 2010

A CC note to those who visit my customs blog...

These painting have been uploaded again as Z-share deletes content if they don't get downloads after awhile. Thank you Zeri for informing me!

Zshare really sucks for that!
I will be remodeling my custom blog also soon. That is all!


  1. Hey Vid, I can't seem to get to the sims 3 forum. I just wanted to inform you that I'll be cancelling my reservation. I'm pretty upset about it because I was really looking forward to this competition. But last night after spending HOURS on my band and getting my set ready I noticed that Nraas wasn't working. So I saved and tried to reinstall and pretty much tried everything until I found out it doesn't work with the latest late night patch. :( I just can't do any competitions without chaos mod or nraas. If these things get updated before your comp and there is still room I'll def. sneak my way back in. :) I'll be lurking.

  2. Aw, ok. Hopefully, it get updated before assignement 2 becuz u can always sneak back in on the 1st assignment. ;)

  3. Speaking of downloads, hope you've downloaded the new Gorillaz album that Damon - whoops! - Murdoc, 2D, Noodles and Russel posted up on the net for free.

    Lovely boys they are!

    'Bump, wiggle, bump, wiggle, wiggle, bump, wiggle!'

  4. (Er, think a 'bump' was missed back there!)

  5. Hi guys! :D
    No I haven't downloaded, but I most definitely check it out! And lol. :)

  6. Can't wait for the revamp, vid! ^_^ I downloaded a bunch of stuff from there awhile ago... I've been on a CC spree as of late. xD Eheh. No, that's not going to end well. Not well at all... x///x

  7. ^LOL Hey Wolfie! I already started with a new template, but I will probably change it again. THanks for the downloads. :)


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