Friday, December 10, 2010

Know what CC we need.....

I would die of simming happiness if someone would make a fur coat for both men and female. Then my rockstars can walk around with fur coats and look awesome! Hopefully a seriously skilled cc creator reads this. *makes puppy dog eyes* Pretty please.


  1. haha, I was already working on one. But mine won't be great quality :(

  2. lol You must be psychic! I seriously think this is the second time I ask for something you were working on already. :D

    Aw I'm sure it be great no matter what. It hasn't been done so it will still be awesome no matter the quality. :)

  3. I second that. A fur coat would be all kinds of awesome for some of my j-rocker sims.

  4. I NEED a fur coat for Vita Alto! xD But yeah, that'd be cool :P


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