Monday, December 20, 2010

*sigh* I think I will bow out of this one...

I'm depressed now, because I didn't mean hurt anyone feelings and should just kept my mouth shut. I stand by my post, but I being that I don't know Seren side of the story (besides her blog). I should of just remain quiet. I really like Seren and I like Sun, but I'm good friends with Em. I'm sad and dissapointed that they are this mad with Em and feel sorry everyone involved. I'm very confused as to what to do and all want is the fighting to stop. Too many feeling have been hurt though and it makes me sad. :(

Is it possible I can join you PK in Switzerland? *hides*


  1. usualy when friends are fighting, the best thing to do is stay out of it. unless you are directly involved, its usualy a BAD idea.

  2. I did not think you blog post was bad Vidand I am not mad at you. And you are right, you only know one side of the story. In the past, I have never said anything bad about Em or blogged about it. Yet she keeps putting me, JK and Cloudten down in her blog and via the mare's nest and if hurts. Believe when I say I could have given it back to her, but I am not that type. Now that Seren was hurt, I can no longer be quiet. Seren is a good person and didn't deserve it.

  3. Aww Vid, don't feel bad. You only did what everyone else did. Everyone has an interest in how this played out. I don't blame anyone who blogged about it. I only feel indifference to those that felt the need to fan the flames and not be constructive about it. You, Mares, PK, and AE have all been constructive. It's up to Seren and I how we take it.

    You and I have this awesome special friendship, we're both so protective of the other that we'll jump in and fight the good fight together. Remember when NicoBelic was bothering you and I came in after. I seriously wanted to deck the guy even if it got me banned. Dirty rotten jerk :P

  4. *highfive for confusion*

    i read what LE blogged, was confused (except for the part mentioning Simiverse) and i gave up xDxD

    I just hope everything can cool down, and erryone can be on non violent terms. xD

  5. LOL, no worries Jake. It's done and over. Altho, I was never violent, and I don't think anyone else was either :p

    We're just here to do our own thing. Whatever or whereever that may be.

  6. *Yodels*
    Wait they Yodel in Switzerland right?

  7. ^LOL I think so. *yodels* I like it better in Switzerland. :P

  8. Ahem! Cough! Splutter!

    YODEL - AY - EEE - Oooo

    bahahah, that's fun

    Yodel - Ay - Yodel - Ay - Yodel - Ay - EEE - Oooo

  9. ^LOL See what you started PK! :P

  10. Yeah PK! Yodel - Ay - Yodel - Ay - Yodel - Ay - EEE - Oooo

    Man, between this and Vid's Vanity thread, I'll be amused for the next half hour to bed time :P


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