Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is it the weekend already?

I seriously forgot it was Friday! This weekend I will be around as I have post the 2nd part of Mare Nested Christmas! I've been wanting to do something funny Xmas. Blame Em! ;)

Anyway, as you know the weekends are my break here. Doing the weekend I always take time to work on my next comp picture and my comp's next assignment. I have also gotten into playing the latest Harvest Moon on Nintendo DS and I'm hooked! I just brought my first cow on there and named it eggnog. I couldn't help it. xD If you don't know the game, you own a farm, get married, etc.

Soooo....that's about it. Will be around my chat box and the forums some. Might add some more music. Oh...and this weekend I'm on decorating duty, so take note!

While we are on the subject, Christmas is coming and you know very well I'm not coming onto this blog that day at less I'm bored! Now if my father who been eyeing a Xbox360 for some time now, happens to pop up with one don't count on seeing me! I will be playing be Marvels vs Capcom or Fable. I'm not pushing him to get it, so I'm not completely sure. We'll see.

Now nighty night!


  1. *blond voice* like, omg!

    harvest moon is like one of my favorite titles. and whats really funny, is that im on ebay right now looking for one LOL.

    my bf grumbles and moans every time i mentioed getting a new DS game so i figured maybe i could find one cheap

  2. Harvest Moon for the win

    and whatta mean "Blame Em!"

    Oh Right! It was my idea, bahahah. Merry Christmas Mares <3 :D

  3. @Zeri Yea. I've been looking for good ds games myself lately. Right now I'm playing Havest Moon's new one grand bazzar. It's ok at the moment. A bit slow as I have pretty much no money. xD I'm really loving all the new features they added though.

    And on a side note, I name my animals after anime characters and random things. lol

    @Em I have to blame you for something. :P


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