Monday, December 13, 2010

Attention simmers who I need to speak with...

Simians is not working for me. I keep getting a white page saying forbidden 404. lol I hope haven't ban myself, since I am a mod. xD (kiddin)

Zeri, I left a message on your c-box about it, but I figure you might doing something.

Hamsterlover, I would love make some new makeup and take your request! I've been getting disracted lately with things. You are not bothering me though. Too be honest I feel bad because I've been so busy. If I can get the youtube link to work in email Simians sends when you get a pm, I will try get it done. I'm sorry.

Paco!!!! Get your butt over to Simiverse and turn in something. I will be sad if you get eliminated. That is all.


  1. no one has been banned from SIMians, the site is down for some reason. its telling me its maintenance. so im sure it will be back soon :)

  2. ^I know. I was joking. xD Oh good. I thought it was just me. Hi Zeri! :)


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