Monday, December 6, 2010

The EA site hacked again it seems!

(I blocked out the link. It linked to a adult entertainment site.)
Epic fail Pictures, Images and Photos
 Triple Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

Serioulsy, like what gives EA?! Does this site have security? I'm beginning to wonder. Just sad.


  1. I agree. Complete and utter *facepalm*. I mean really, I actuelly forgave them(only a bit mind you) for the last "Hack", but a again? Within three months? Does the site have any security? It's ridiculous, especially seeing as the site includes personal information of many. I really hope no ones private details have been compromised. And no doubt they'll STILL try to peddle us out of simpoints at the end of the month. They honestly expect us to buy their stuff, even after they've proved their incompetent at protecting their site, twice? Completly ridiculous.

  2. A triple facepalm is not enough. Epic fail doesn't even describe this.

  3. I was going to buy some points today...not sure if I want my CC number on their site though

  4. holy crap. whats going on over there? been playing the sims all day, so this is like whoa. EA needs to seriously get it together

  5. LOL Jill and almost missed myself Zeri.

  6. Wow. Again? I just got over the last one.


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