Sunday, December 26, 2010

Special Sunday News Flash! Just started a second comp!

Plan on making this not as long as Vanity and more layback. While I wait for Vanity to finish up their 2nd assignment, I thought why not start this. ;) Oh if your in Vanity, don't worry about them conflicting. I'll make sure they won't.

P.S. I might ramble on about Xmas tomorrow. :P
Note: This is the 2nd one I've been talking about doing all this time.


  1. are there any restrictions or guidelines? i mean are they for show only, or so they have to actualy be leveled and skilled up?

  2. k cool ^_^

    i went and made a band (wow i had alot less band type content than i thought) but i got individual shots instead of group, oops lol

  3. Aw, thats ok. If you can't get a good group shot, then I'll take the invidual ones. Doesn't have to be fancy. :)


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