Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miss Teen Simiverse Assignment 2 and Scores!


LE: 80/75+25
Comments: I love this Vid and you pulled off the sabotage, which means I award you 5 extra points. Great job. The roses were a nice touch. Fabulous job!

Alverna:70/75 (+25 for outtake)
Comments: Amazing! I thought the name was funny (CC hair salon lol ) and the roses were a great touch Yet it seemed that something was missing...I'm not sure what it is...
Total Score: 100

1st!!!! Woooooohoooo! I was expecting that at all! Hehe, PK sabotage me too, but I manage to pull it off. Note, the sabotage was to makeover both my female extras as red heads! Had to use Agnes ans Jamies of Sunset Valley. I was drawing complete blank with assignment itself, but reality show kept popping into my head. Then I went with the cheesy bachelor theme. lol No offense to fans of that show. I was going do MTV's Next, but I didn't have a bus. xD Anyway, I sabotage PK. *hugs* Bwahaha! I love the next assignment. Just have to think of something. >_<

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