Monday, December 27, 2010

The Sim Lair Awards- My review/most epic moments of the year 2010

A year of bumnuggets, trolls, failures, and lol moments amoung us crazy simmers!!!!

Toll of the Year:
Honorable mention: Erick, for causing chaos on almost every blog and being a complete ass and phoney.

Fail/Facepalm of the year:
The Sim site is down, but wait Spore? Are they really that cluless? Yep.
Honorable mention: Getting hacked twice in one year!

Quote of the year: xXAngelicEvilXx (AEBoE/Grumpy Toast) : 'You're one box of fries short of a f**king Happy Meal.'
Honorable mention: Zeri and Micky.
Zeri on the wanton trait: "It turn your sim into a garden tool!" Micky's summary on every deleted thread on the forum: "I believe the new topic of this thread is: Quick post whatever the hell you want, before EA deletes it!'

Most shocking ban and moment of the year:

The gifting scandal resulting in super perma bans (even banned from the store)! So scandalous I prefer to keep quiet on it!

Fail Troll of the year: Nashvillekitten. For getting perma banned 3 times and coming back to fail at trolling still!

LOL Moment of the year:

 Chocolateaddic's sexy party of poles and men! Oh my! For getting away with this all too funny thread on the EA forum for a whole day and some!

Finally I did it! Hope you enjoy and tell me if you have award idea! ;)


  1. ahhh those are some epic moments. i almost forgot about that party thread, ohmy.

  2. This cracked me up.

  3. Well thank you thank you, LOL. I loved Zeri's quote about the "hoe" :P

  4. ^LOL Glad you guys enjoyyed it. Been meaning to do a year review. ;)


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