Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hmm...would anyone mind offering me some real life advice?

I"m quite puzzled on what I should do about something and asking my family is out of the question. Let just say they will overreact, worry, and become super nosy about it. I would say it out loud here, but I prefer to keep to myself. Nothing embarrassing, but something that should be kept private. Anyone? Please! ^_^

P.S. My family overreact to everything, so it's hard for me ask them anything without them going a bit nuts.


  1. I'm 22, a woman and my work surrounds caring for all aspects of peoples' health, I feel I might be able to help :) my email is ShyneInnocence@hotmail.com if you need someone to talk to.

  2. you can ask me viddy, ill always be discreet. i cant guarantee ill have answers, but ill try

  3. I think alright now guys. LE and Cat were very helpful. ;) I may take you up on your offers though if need more advice.

    I <3 you guys! :D *hugs*


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