Tuesday, November 9, 2010


-My phone charger is not working and I need new battery! I did have it working enough for little things, but it's getting harder and harder to make it work. I dont have the money for another phone and I'm so sick of it! I feel like taking a hammer to it. It's has ongoing problem and cell provider has gotten so fucking cheap and petty! If they gave me a new phone they have me out their hair!

-I have put my foot in my mouth today already and possibly hurt someone feelings. I feel like a complete ass for it.

-And I am beyond tired and stressed for no reason! Not because of the many blogs I have now or my comp, but just in general.

So sum up my feelings today is meh, I want to go back to bed. If you would believe I've been feeling like this since Friday, but I've been sucking it up.

Another thing, I'm feeling it harder and harder to post something interesting on this blog. That also has me worried. Feels like I'm failing in some sense. *sigh*

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