Monday, November 8, 2010

As a creator I'm annoyed!

Warning: This is a rant that's been held in for too long about cc listing sites!
I'm so sick of seeing same old people getting their stuff listed without even asking while I have to fucking beg to get on a site! They say these sites don't have double standards? Well your in fucking dreamland if you believe that shit. All some people have to do is post and within seconds it's up! Then bloggers who run the site wonder why people get annoyed with them? This is why we get annoyed with you!!!! I'm sick to death of it and I've been nothing, but nice! I beg to get on one site and got nothing. I ask one I regularly visit and been featured a few time, but most time I'm ignored there too. Then I rarely ask and when I do ask, guess what? I'm ignored! What the fuck do have to do be notice?! Do I have to fucking be the CC meshing queen to get some resignation? Then you have the people begging for months on in and they never hear a peep from them. No, I do need a lecture like I'm so 5 year old on how hard it is and they don't have to post anything if they don't want! If you want to come over and lecture me, be prepare to get chewed and spit out! I haven't asked my paintings to be up or anything since the makeup thing and as I said some people who just post, the same day their stuff is up the same day. Well I'm done and I won't be asking anymore! I'm sick of the troll committee bashing me anyway.  Even though I can give shit what they think.

If you want to a fair site where the dipshit troll crew isn't around. Click the ts3ccgallery link on the side. This wasn't a post to advertise as this was a rant I've been holding in for a long time. You know where the link is. I'm trying to get it more out there, but of course it's the people who stick with solely to troll cave of listing sites, then give anything a chance.

Congrats to anyone who got on a listing site without having to beg or even ask. I guess your better creator than me. If anyone wants download anything I make, the links to my custom blog and cc listing site are on the side. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for ts3ccgallery Vid !! It's awesome !! :D

    And I do know what you mean, have been ignored time and time again !! I just don't get it. It's like you said, prob double standards :(

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this double standard going on. :-/

    I will always post your stuff at ts3 cc. :)

    Posting that made me feel so much better. :D Phew.

  3. I emailed once and got nothing. Vid, ts3CC is better.

    Everyone gets a fair chance to get their stuff advertised. Even on the sims 3 forum it's hard. You make the initial thread, but we can't keep bumping it, or other simmers would be annoyed.

    At least with TS3 CC, simmers who want their lots and sims advertised can do so, and it's going good so far.

    And the best form of spreading the word is Word of Mouth. There are a lot of people who want to see this succeed, or who are tired of other blogs bullshit.

    I know some will say it's the creator of the blogs choice to post or not post, but that doesn't excuse common courtesy and offering a little constructive criticism on WHY it wouldn't be hosted.

    And ya know, I'm not just saying this cause I'm helping ya and want to plug TS3 CC. I'd be fully behind ya if I wasn't.

  4. Same as me. I mean technically I didn't know you had to ask but I have my own blog, I link it in my sig and I post my new simmies on the forum. I'd have thought at some point one of mine would've made it on there but nope. Nada.

    And with no disrespect or arrogance intended I think some of my sims have been better than the ones that do get put up on that website (but then I think the same of EA's questionable feature system - why do item re-colours get featured anyway? It doesn't take half as much effort to re-colour an existing item as it does to build up a sim from the pudding EA base into something decent IMO)


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