Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Want to be a judge or guest judge? Comment here!

I need guest judges for Vanity Cycle 1, which is on it's 5th assignment (going on the 6th). Anyway, if you would like guest judge before the cycle ends, comment.

Now I'm not sure if I will have the same judges for Cycle 2, but if you want judge Vanity Cycle 2: The male model search, comment.

-Must be dependable and available
-Must have some experience with modeling competitions
-Must be able to give constructive criticism
-Must be able to me give your email for scores

Now just because you comment, doesn't guarantee you the job (especially for Cycle 2). Just seeing who's interested.


  1. I'd try it out but with my weird style I wouldn't be much help lmao

  2. I'd love to help ya judge Cycle 2 Vid, or guest judge. Totally up to you :D

  3. ^I would love that Em! :D
    Metalz, be nice have male guest judge next cycle. ;)

  4. I COULD guest judge this cycle, even though you dont know who i am :P

  5. I will guest judge, but not anywhere near next week because its the first periodicals... O_O


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