Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patch this EA!

Warning: This a rant full curse words and build up fustration from trying to get the new patch to work. You have been warned!

I'm fed up! Beyond angry that I just wasted hours of my life to get same result with the new patch, my game reading and being unplayabled! FFS, if this was 5 years ago when I had no idea what system restore was I would be in deep shit right now! I have tried Poptwart thread, Nichaedemus' thread, and have even had sweet Simjett helping me. Then I even uninstalled Ambition to get the same result when months before it had installed it just fine. WTF EA!? Why is the only game that requires me go through all this just to get it to work? I have done all these things and still nothing! It's incompatible! How is it incompatible? How do manage make the expansion packs to a base game incompatible? Idiots! I see why people give up and go back Sims 2! It's like they just making quick fixes and not testing them at all! I should not have to become a computer genius just to run a game on my computer! Absolutely ridiculous! For crying out loud, if your going make hundreds of patches don't fuck up what was working before you morons! You want me buy your little stuff pack? Is that what you want? No, fuck you. I'm not buying it you scam artist! Make a update that works, make it work without it! Do your jobs! Lord help us all when Late Night comes out! If I get the same result, I'm quiting Sims 3 and I want my money back! It shouldn't be this difficult to get a patch for a game working! Uninstalling everything should not be the solution to it all and if this was a real company, you should be able get them on the phone and have them go step by step with you! No, not EA! They're too shitty for that! Thank goodness I was able to return my game to the state it was before updating! I should have knew I was asking for a headache. Well I quit with updates till Late Night and if I do go through this again with LN, you will not hear the end of it EA!

One more thing, why is your forum so shitty!? If not getting a white screen, I'm getting that damn oops message! How hard is to run a forum?! You have piles of money! Use it! If I can get on google crome, then I should be able to get on IE! Good grief! You are horrible company! I hope someone sues you! How many patches have we went through by now? I lost count! That's how fucked up a company you are!
-End of rant-

I'm sorry, but I had to get that out and I rather get it all out here than on the forums! My game is back working with using system restore. I was just trying get my game back up to date in preparation of Late Night, but that failed miserably as you can see.


  1. I know, this is absolutely AWFUL. What kind of company doesn't TEST their SHIT?!

  2. ^Idiots, that who! I'm tired of doing this or that. It is extremely fustrating! I'm not good with the technical part of sims and it just too much to change this and that to get a stupid patch to work!

  3. I don't know. The patch worked for me, but in the past, other patches have not. Once, a new patch and the AwesomeMod clashed and ended up with me having to uninstall and re-install my game three times. THREE times?! That's fucking bullshit. EA needs to fix their crap-ass patches! Now I understand why most games are made in Japan or China! Normally their games aren't screwed up! I'm pretty sure that The Sims 3 was produced in the U.S. Grr...

  4. Now my sim are running everywhere they go! I think they played tag recently. Ugh!!! Going try resetting them. Not a good day for sims!

  5. Well I fixed that at least. Was funny at first ...the running, but slightly annoying. Had evict them.


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