Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another blog for my sims and stuff? Also some thoughts...

I feel like stuff is getting overlooked, because this blog seems attract drama. I'm really get sick of people wanting cause me grief when I haven't even done anything to them. I have been minding my business talking with friends, making things, and keeping to myself. Now I can't even chat with anyone on here! The main purpose of this blog. Anyway, I've been wanting make a blog for my cc and sims. I might do that today and slowly add my stuff from here there. Still thinking about it. I'm bit tired today, so we'll see.

Anyway, I'm not good mood today and I have been contacting people to get rid of the guy who has giving me hell on my c-box. Now I know it will be people who will say I did this to myself and how can comments on a c-box be such bother. They were constant and if don't know what's going, then please keep your comments to yourself. 7 people at least were witness to that chaos yesterday and you know very well if I took the actually c-box down ,it was pretty bad. I'm going to make something now and be very quiet today. If feel like playing my game, then new episode of Roxy may pop up.

I'm just begining to wonder if I should have left after all.


  1. Don't leave! O.O
    It might make it easier to find everything if you have a seperate blog for your cc and stuff. You could post it on here as well, and then have a link to the other blog perhaps :)

  2. Nah, I'm not leaving and yea thats good idea. :)

  3. To add I'm just fustrated with people. One thing after another.

    Anyway no matter many times I say I'm leaving, I always stay. >_<

  4. Aww Vid *hug* I think hosting your content off site is a great idea. I'm glad I went that route.

    Hopefully the authorities will nail this person's a$$ to the wall.

  5. None of this is your fault, and those who think you deserve to have someone say you have AIDS is a fucking idiot.

    I share LE's sentiment. I hope this guy's ass gets nailed, although I will also say that even if he's caught and something's done, you can't fix stupid. He not only needs some time behind bars, but he obviously needs some therapy and medications, maybe even a permanent straight-jacket.

    You hang in there Viddie, and show them all that you're willing to weather the bad times and that they can't make you leave.

    Think I'll be play Halo on Xbox Live today, so I'll be around in rare form.

  6. Vid! I'm so sorry that people are constantly attacking you! You do not deserve this at all, and I really hope that they catch whomever is doing it and fry their @$$!

    Also I think thats a great idea to add another blog for your creations! :)


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