Friday, September 24, 2010

Makeup and it's the weekend!

Someone asked for a close up!
Anyway, I'm fustrated that I can't make my first makeup recolorable. I'm reading how to do it, but it's not that easy. *sigh*

Ok, now just a reminder: On weekends, I take a break from blogging now. Update the story Monday and post whatever comes up!

Have a good weekend! ^_^

Update:  A recolorable version coming soon! Looks best in black, but I will make recolorable version if you want. Anyway, I figured it out!

Update 2: The mask loses the lace effect when colored, so I might make another version later down the road!


  1. See you Monday Vid!

    I'll try to have a good weekend,without the Forums where I was hoping to return,but i'm perma-banned...


  2. ^What??? I might make post about this if post any tomorrow. Pix is perma banned too! :(

    Oh and by the way, I figure how to make makeup recolorable. ;) Well I think I got it. >_<

  3. Poor Pix! D:

    I didn't even do anything...and I only had one temp ban,so the mods have ripped me off.

    Wish you luck with the CC though.


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