Monday, September 13, 2010

Am I the only one with this problem?

I'm debating on buying Late Night now, because of the new patch. I really want it, but I'm scared when reinstall everything.... yes, everything! *crys* I will still get that incompatible shit! I have tried everything. I feel like people think that I haven't and I must be doing something wrong. I feel like have done everything to the best of my abilities. I really don't feel like I should become a computer programmar just to get my game updated in the first place and I have really tried. It's really just fustrating, because I feel so alone in this and truly hate the fact that I can't figure it out. :-/ Well I'm going try not think about till LN comes out, but I really don't understand why nothing is working and how EA can completely ignore their customers when clearly the patch is conflicting with people games.

The thing is every suggested patch I tried installing, a error message pops up at the end of it saying "invalid file found." Then when I open my laucher it saids that Ambition is incompatitble with the base and I can't go pass the message. Well then I click "ok"  and it closes. I have been through this so many times it's crazy! I have also done system restore each time, so my game can be played. I have done eveything typical for updates and have tried all the suggestions, so I'm completly at a loss. Never had this problem before and I feel like I'm the only one that has error while installing the patches. All the people with my problem don't have this error problem while updating I don't think. Sorry to bring my issues here, but....

 I just want to know am I only one with this problem?

This is proof that I did ask for help:
I went through all of that to get the same results! I do thank them for helping me.

Also I hope I don't get banned for this:
Got a little upset. >_<

P.S. I did reinstalled Ambition as you know too. Just weird how this patch works.


  1. well i havent patched (for obvious reasons) but hopefully Late Night will fix all that.. in the past, mid season patches screwed alot of things up, and i never downloaded any of them. but when i got the EPs and stuff packs, there were no (or few) issues.
    so, HOPEFULLY late night follows suit, and it fixes more than it breaks.. but this IS EA were talking about here lol.
    (slightly off topic, but not, i recently bought a game for my xbox which also happens to be from EA and guess what.. its already crashed 3 times LOL)

  2. ^ I hope so!
    And wow EA can't even make xbox games right. Fail!

  3. I don't know why you would think what you posted would get you banned, all you were doing, if I was reading the right post, was voicing your displeasure with the new update. And no you are not alone in this, I have two threads on right now in the tech section trying to get a resolve but nothing. I also posted on my site to see if anyone else was having similar response there yet.

    It's EA and their stupid update/patch but it's also some of the mods have not updated. From what I'm hearing I think maty is the only place that has done an update of their mods since the last stuff pack.

    I don't use maty mods, but I do use mod the sims slider hacks but I removed all of that and my cc and the store cc and still same problems.

    That thread is over 300 pages now and that is total bs!! How dare EA put out such crap and the sad part is it's mostly members trying to help members.

    You shouldn't have to have an IT degree to just play s simple game, but you should have this to build one, which it seems is NOT a qualification or requirement of EA's!

    I will probably end up in the long run doing ANOTHER uninstall/reinstall and that totally pisses me off. I can't even think about that right now.

    I can get into my game, but CAST won't load so I can't change any colors, and once I'm in the game it will crash about 1 min or less in game play.
    I can make Sims but I NEVER upload a Sim without first testing it in game, which of course is now impossible. I have several Sims just sitting in the bin because I refuse to upload without proper testing and pictures.

    I wish EA would take those sweaty hair nasty lint infested, pimple loaded, one nut smaller than the other, excessively wrinkled,soggy, piss smelling, warts galore balls out of their mouths and do some real work!
    Sick of it!!!

  4. I just read the thread I started again and saw that someone else is having same excat problem! It is most definitely EA fault this time! I have took out all my mods and pretty much did everything! I was pratcially pulling my hair out trying to figure it out that night and what I was doing wrong. It pisses me off that I went through all that for nothing! I truly want to call up EA and tell them to suck it!

    I have a bad feeling this will not be all over with LN and I'm going cry if I have to reinstall everything! I'm going cross my fingers. I feel your pain now! I've been lucky up till now with patches. I knew EA would screw me over soon. It just amazing how they can make a game completely unplayable with a patch that suppose to fix it.

    Also EA bans me for everything, so I wasn't sure. The last part of your comment made me lol so hard Cece! I so agree! :-P


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