Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nvm! Don't update!!! Whatever you do!

Warning: Used a few bad words!

It's fucked up my game! Wouldn't let me pass the launcher. Kept saying error! I had to go to system restore to get it back like it was!  Then I go the tech forum and see this:
All that for a patch! Then what if doesn't work!? Hell no! Not going do it! Not till late night, when I have to!


  1. Good Luck!
    I'm too scared to update...Lol.

  2. ^Didn't work! Wouldnt even let me play! I had do system restore. Well I'm goin to tech section and complain I guess! :-/

  3. Now I'm nervous about installing the SP since you have to update the game :/

    Glad you were able to fix your game though Vidkid

  4. I was thinking about patching, but I'm really glad I passed on that. I wanted to patch because it said that Sims could develop relationships with their cars (and you also get a new trait, free of charge.) :D
    But still - glad I passed on that.

  5. ^Yea. I wanted to try out the new trait too. Stupid EA! :-/ The tech forum is full of complains and the solution is either the thread I linked to or uninstall ALL the eps. Completely insane!

  6. Sorry to hear that. =(

    I may update, but only when they get that mess sorted out, AND when Vanity comp is finished, because I REFUSE to lose my model again.

    Got Fast Lane today, still haven't installed it and probably won't for a couple days. But it looks so cool, especially the rockabilly theme *swoon*

  7. I got it back thankfully. I usually don't even set up restore points. I'm glad I did or wouldnt be able to play it all.

    I still want Late Night though! Fast Lane didn't really interest me. I skip most the sps. I'm glad you like Fast Lane. :-D

  8. I haven't updated since before the patch that changed the destination of our CC files. I don't have Ambitions (or WA for that matter). So I'm a good...5 patches behind? hehe


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