Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slow week...

I'm a bit under weather today. Yesterday was the same. I'm shocked I got scores up for Vanity, with how I was feeling yesterday. I'm just going take it easy for the rest of the week if you guys don't mind. ;) If I think of something to post about, then I will pop in. Ttyl

P.S. I did get to update my other blog. That was easy though. Upload. Copy and paste. xD


  1. get well soon! my son is sick too. it that time of year again. everybody is gonna be getting something

  2. Hope you get better Vid! I'm under the weather too.. it's raining haha what a cheesy joke.. =)

  3. aww, feel better Vid. Get LOTS of rest.

    Lol Metalz.

  4. Get well soon Vid. Having colds sucks! I just got over one myself!

  5. Hope you feel better! Take care of you!


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