Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm beginning to wonder if I wore out my welcome...

I don't like what simming community turning into. I''m  beginning to see people I cared about in whole another light. Drama happening all the time now. I can't even defend anyone without being looked as a scumbag. I delete my post as in bowing out of it and then I'm suddenly ashamed of what I typed?! Of coruse I got angry, because people should know better. I'm getting angrier everyday with people who should know better! I'm not perfect, but I'm finding a lot these arguments are pointless. I don't like the tension either. Maybe it's time to take a break? Soon, I will I think.

If you comment just to tell me off, then expect it to be ignored and even deleted.


  1. I don't think you are a scumbag, Viddie, and you are only human to be angry.

    You know my email if you need to get in touch with me, and I hope you'll keep running your comp even if you're not blogging as much?

  2. Hey, Vid, you are not a scumbag. You have the right to express yourself if needed. People have their opinions about certain things, and that's all good and dandy. Though I'm not sure if they have the right to bash you like that. It's not okay for them to be that mean!

    Anyway, if you really are taking a break, you could try a site I like to visit, called It's a story writing site (obviously) but you don't have to write stories. You can do journals, timed writing, poems and other things of that nature. And the people there are really cool. The site's chat area, the Chatter Box, is normally full of friendly people. You can also create groups if you have a Gold membership. The first three days after you sign up, you automactially have an unlimited (Gold) membership. In those three days you can create groups, post pictures in your stories and page, and do other fun stuff. Also, users may host story writing competitions with certain themes, in which you can earn gold, silver, bronze or honorable mentions medals that are displayed on your page.

    And guess what?! There's PMing!

    I hope you check the site out, it's a really cool place and I love it. If you'd like to find me on storywrite, I'm under the username of Lovely Warrior. If you join, I'll love you forever! :3

  3. You're not a scumbug. In all honesty you seem to seek out the drama and then put in your opinions. Which the more opinions = the more drama. I know you can't stand me, but I'm being honest. You have your head in the right place, but drama seems to love you and you seem to love it back sometimes. xD

  4. I'm not going to tell you off...I agree.

    Sometimes...I just see the stupidest things on there that for some mindless reason ticks people off.I know for one that if I dislike something on the Forums,I either don't reply,or I just ignore the topic in general.But arguing over something so-and-so did is,yes,an opinion,but that gives no one rights to bad mouth anyone-(Jarsie...I mean you)-.

    See,I cant defend anyone either without someone coming and say "Well,thats not fair....just because".Really? Is it really that important? I mean,ya... disagree.Go ahead,but keep it to yourself.Just because you think so doesn't mean it doesn't hurt other people.

    I think what happened with you was stupid on the simmers part.Nobodies perfect,and we all say things that more or less get under other peoples skin,but nobody should have said you were ashamed.You didn't want to dig deep into something big and cause drama.

    After all the things that have been happening...I think i'll be out for a few days.

    I'm stressed enough.

    Sorry for ranting a bit....

    Hope something gets better.

  5. You shouldn't ever feel like you have to silence yourself on your own blog just because a couple of puissants spit out their dummies and have a good ol' whine about it.

    I don't have a clue what's been going on short of reading TMN but there's no way in hell that you deserve this, you're a good person. People should just keep you out of their arguments - it's so not fair on you.

    Unfortunately the internet really is full of wankers. You've just got to try and hang in there! *hugs*

    **Edited - spelling and general fail on my part**

  6. When I said 'why, are you ashamed?' it was a genuine question- you said you were deleting your posts and that was my way of asking why. I apologise if that came across in a bad way, and maybe I should have thought about it more, but I was a little thrown by that point...

    I didn't say one bad word about you in my original posts, and yet somehow you felt the need to yell at me on my blog- telling me to 'get over it' and the like. You just seemed to throw yourself into this conflict and became really angry with me for no reason that I could see. It's unfortunate things turned out this way.

  7. Vidkid.
    I may not know much about what has been going on recently. But I know enough to know that you are a fine simmer and person. You may come off as rude to some, but I can assure you on almost on every occasion I have agreed with you. I may not post here often, but I read enough of your blog to know that you are definitly not a "scumbag".
    Regardless of the drama, you will always be a great person. In my eyes anyway.

    Then again, I have no idea whats been going on recently. So I don't know if this post is relevent.

    Just though I'd post this anyway though.
    Hope things look up soon. :)

    So please, whatever has been happening. Don't take it to heart, I can assure you

  8. last post got cut off. Lol, just ignore the unfinished sentence at the end. :P

  9. Uh, Vid, not to put too fine a point on it, but when you told Fury on HER blog to "Get over yourself! Neither of you are going to agree so SFU!" How is that different than what Amiee said on Jess's blog? I thought the idea was to respectfully disagree on other's blogs but do your ranting on your own. Wasn't that the point of what you were saying to begin with?

    TBH, the only person I saw getting you involved was yourself.

    Yes, I fully expect this to be deleted. I just feel like it needs to be asked.

  10. Well I'm leaving. Really, I'm done. I'm sorry.

  11. I can't believe you're leaving :'( I never wanted you to as of others, because you are a very kind person and being scolded for your own opinions which is not right of people to do. You are right not everyone is perfect, but that's apart of what being human is, and what creates friendships. And of course, the other side is the people who don't agree with your outlook on certain positions. I really don't want you to leave because of some argument :( you were incorrectly judged by many, and that angers me because when I got to know you more, you were an extremely nice simmer, and still is. I hope you don't leave forever, I understand your position though, sometimes, people need a clean break from the computer, that's what made me feel to come back when I was all depressed early summer. But if you truly are leaving, I wanted to let you know that I will miss you incredibly, because you were nothing but kind to others and were very defensive of yourself when you needed to. Before I rap up this post, I have a formula for you:

    Vidkid20 = WIN

    Wish you a wonderful life :'(

  12. Vid- I've missed out on a lot of this drama, because I've been quite ill and only been functioning on a superficial level with sims stuff and trying to just sound breezy and happy when I do post on forums.

    Vid, I'mma gonna tell you just what I told LE during her off and on again drama. Those who know you and support you will stick around, and those that don't screw em.

    I think you're just great, you have been nothing but kind and caring to me. You've been a cheerleader in Gothic when I needed it, you've been so helpful and you've been a source of just silly fun to brighten up our days. Your actions have proven yourself to me as someone I admire and like- internet drama wont change that ( even if we can't always agree on every little thing)

    This is a Video game we're all talking about here. Let's just pause a moment and that about that.

    This is meant to be a source of fun, something to relax to. A game and it's community should NOT be causing you this level of upset. That goes for TMN and Furry as well.

    We're a community as a whole. Yet why we insist on tearing each other apart over silly things, I just can not understand.

    There are so many horrific and painful things happening in our daily lives, the Sims and it's forums should be a safe place to 'check out' from all that...and because of petty disputes and bouts of pridefulness, this isn't happening.

    What the heck is all this over? Something some kid did two months ago? Differences of opinion?

    So what if we all don't agree? That's life, that's healthy and it should be OKAY if we can't all agree, but we should all be respectful of each other.

    In all honestly, I can not understand why normal, good people are treating each other with such utter disrespect and unkindness. If you all met each other in the street you would be kinder to each other. would hope.

    I am so tired of seeing people I like and respect ripping into one another and hurting each other. It's sad and it's shameful.

    I honestly do not think you deserve this and I find it cruel and bullying and I really wish it would all just stop.

    I do so hope you do not drop out of the community, it would be such a shame. That said, I do understand if you do and respect any decission you make.


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