Monday, September 13, 2010

*Breaking news* Vidkid20's Sim lair awards has their Troll of the year already!

Troll of the year!
You trolled so hard,
You are the troll of the year!

We wonder where you came from,
we wonder if your human,
why on earth are you here!
Troll of the year!

You sunk so low
You make us ill
OMG, leave the forum you thoughtless twit
Troll of the year

You look to start trouble
You are a fame whore,
well here is your fame
Troll of the year

No wonder Mare bashes you
I can't beleive you, 
picking on the ill
you are troll of the yeeeeaaaar!

Actual picture of Jarsie accepting her award:
Ugly Troll Pictures, Images and Photos

Now please crawl back in the hole you came from, you horrible woman! When you pick on the ill, that is when you gone too far for me! I've lost the tiny respect I had for you now! Go away you old hag!
Thank you Mare for the screenshot. Didn't think you would mind if I borrowed it!

P.S. Everyone in that thread that joined in with the attack should be ashamed of themselves. Truly disgusting!


  1. Yeah, you might wanna add ricmkinney to the list of trolls for next year's awards. His nose is permanently glued to Jarsie's ass.

  2. Sorry, ricmckinney is the actual spelling, lol

  3. OMG!! Jarsie is still ALIVE!!! Gah!!!! I need a new voodoo doll!!!

  4. Ok..I just read the thread and even though my prior post was somewhat playful, I really at this moment would love to own a real voodoo doll!! Jarsie is a sick twit and it makes her d*ck get hard when she see's she can stir up some mess.

    Stupid b*tch!!

    Makes me want to go back on the ts3 threads just so I CAN run into her hairy balled arse!!

  5. I just read that whole thread and would like punch Jarsie in her face! What a bitch!

  6. I just checked her page...Traits:

    Family Oriented
    Absent Minded

    What about evil?

  7. words simply cannot describe how despicable this woman is. her behavior is truly appalling. if my kids acted that way id slap their faces into the back of their skulls


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